Warranties parts and labor covers a period of three year or 36,000 miles, which ever occurs first. However, our warranties covers the part/s purchased through and installed by A&B Car Experts, and the labor to replace that/those specified part/s.  The warranty period begins from the original part installation date and remains in effect for its period length. Therefore, the period will continue from the installation date even if the part replaced under warranty later on. To keep the warranty valid the repairs have to be performed by our shop if the original repair was made less than 12 months and 12,000 miles from current date/mileage. However, repairs may still also be performed at any authorized North American Nationwide Warranty Centers and the warranty will remain valid.

  1. Part/s purchased outside A&B Car Experts.
  2. Part/s purchased through A&B Car Experts while installation/modified performed by another shop.
  3. Consumable part/s fail resulting of normal wear and use, like oil filters, air filters, brake discs, drums, pads and shoes, drive belts, timing belts.
  4. Gaskets, seals (including chemical seals) and O-rings.
  5. Part/s failure due to mess use and/or none manufacturer defect.

 A&B Car Experts reserves the right to deny warranty on an individual basis at our discretion.

  1. If any of our repair/s have been tamped or modified outside A&B Car Experts.
  2. Failure to perform periodic maintenances within recommended mileage and/or time intervals.
  3. Removing the part/s originally installed by A&B Car Experts outside A&B Car Experts.
  4. Adjusting the part/s originally installed by A&B Car Experts outside A&B Car Experts.
  5. Modify the vehicle outside A&B Car Experts that affect the performance of any part/s installed by or repair/s and/or services that performed by our technicians.
  6. Abuse the vehicle in term that the utilization affect the performance and/or reduces the shelf life of the part/s.

**Towing, car rentals or other incidental expenses are not covered.**